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Department of Electrical Communication Engineering


This branch covers both software and hardware of Electronics and Communication. There are several Job Opportunities available in the fields of VLSI, Embedded, Mobile Communication, GSM, CDMA, Satellite Communication, Nano Technology, etc.

Campus Recruitment in TCS, WIPRO, Data capture system, GDA, Slash Support.

  • Well qualified & dedicated faculties.
  • Special lectures are arranged on recent trends.
  • Motivating students to take active part in technical symposium, seminar and conferences.
  • Every final year project review is conducted with an external expert.

Department Lab details

The department of Electronics and Communication is committed to provide the state-of-art technical education to the tomorrow's technocrats through dedicated quality teaching.The department strives to provide ample opportunity to the students for exploring and exploiting new avenues in the field of ECE.

The department has Excellent imfrastructure facilities with highly qualified and devoted faculty members having specilization in the areas like VLSI,Wireless communication,Embedded systems,Image processing and signal processing.The department offers an UG Programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering and PG programme in VLSI Design and Communication Systems.

The department has been provided with following laboratories and workshops fully equipped with equipment and machinery as prescribed in the syllabus.

Electronic Devices Laboratory & Circuits Laboratory

Electronics laboratory is special and well equipped with the latest Signal Generators, Oscilloscopes, Digital Trainer Kits and Measuring Instruments. Students are grouped into small teams and guided to do their mini projects by using the facility such as Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Dual Power Supplies, Various Types of Active and Passive Devices, Variable DC Power Supply (0-30V),Fixed Power Supply + / - 12V,CRO 30MHz,Multimeter (Digital),Multimeter (Analog),Function Generator 1 MHz, Digital LCR Meter,PC with SPICE Simulation Software.

Digital Electronics Laboratory

In this laboratory a wide number of Digital ICS are available to get the knowledge about logical circuits and their components for the students. Analog and Digital Trainer kit are used to built combinational and sequential circuits. This lab comprises of Digital IC, Tester, Power Supply, Multimeter, Computer with HDL software Installed.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

The Digital Signal Processing and VLSI applications are becoming more prevalent in everyday use. The field of DSP was developed due to the flexibility offered by the use of digital computers in implementing signal processing algorithms and systems. There is a constant need for designing systems with lower power, higher speed and lower area. The DSP lab is equipped with Higher configuration personal computers. The students enrich their knowledge by using the software tools likePcs With Fixed/Floating Point Dsp, Processors (Kit/Add-On Cards),Matlab With Simulink And Signal Processing Tool Box, Function Generators(1 Mhz),CRO (20 Mhz),modelsim, HDL Designer Pro and cadence, Xilinx ISE Design Software,VLSI FPGA Trainer Kit 500k Gate Density,Pspice Software System.

Network Laboratory

A well established laboratory with high configuration systems , where students practice and analyzing the Communication Systems through Network Software ,Netsim and improve their practical knowledge by analyzing real time implementation using VI-LAN Trainer kit and Xilinx Software.

Communication System Laboratory

Communication laboratory focuses on training the students in both Analog and Digital Transmission/Reception of Signal. The students here start in the analog area by constructing the circuits of Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation and Phase Modulation. A mini AM Transmitter is constructed by them in the MW frequency of Electromagnetic Spectrum and they do a live transmission with minimum power output. The signals are then received in a pocket AM radio. Learning the concepts, with small applications give them plenty of joy and real motivation towards their studies. The laboratory comprises of Function Generators and Cathode ray Oscilloscopes, Network Analyzer, Antenna Trainer Kit, various Analog /Digital Study and Trainer Kits, RF Signal Generator, Digital Storage Oscilloscope,etc.,

Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory

Linear Integrated Circuits & Simulation lab is very important for designing the characteristics of OP-AMP, 555Timer IC and to simulate the applications of OP-AMP. It is also used for designing the Electronic circuits-1. Students of various branches design and test their circuits as part of their curriculum. Guidance is provided to the students by a team of expert faculty and lab technicians. The labs are kept open after the college hours to enable the students to engage themselves in designing /testing the circuits in their leisure hours. Students are grouped into small teams and guided to do their mini projects by using the facility such as Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Dual Power Supplies, and Digital Multimeter.

Microprocessor and Applications Laboratory

Microprocessor laboratory helps the students to enhance their knowledge about various processors such as 8085, 8086, Micro controllers and also the interfacing of these processors with other equipment. Students from other branch of Engineering and Sciences also come to this laboratory and develop their skills in the field of Microprocessor and its applications. The features and facilities available in this laboratory will help the students to do their projects and enhance their knowledge about the latest trends and technologies. This laboratory has components such as 8085 Trainer, 8086 Trainer, 8051 Trainer, 8255 Interfacing Card,8279 Interfacing Card,8259 Interfacing Card,8251 & 8253 Interfacing Card, ADC Interfacing Card, DAC Interfacing Card, Stepper Motor Interfacing Card,Dc Motor Interfacing Card and Traffic light controller Interfacing card.

VLSI Design Laboratory

The PG Course on VLSI Design was started in the year of 2013 with intake of 24. The main objective of the VLSI Design course is to provide a complete and state of art knowledge in the area of VLSI Design and testing. The program is designed to provide depth knowledge in the areas like VLSI system design, Hardware description language, System architecture, Verification Techniques, Simulation and Synthesis, Low power design and embedded system. Our college has collaborative links with several industrious and R&D institutions in various fields like software development, hardware design, automotive etc.

Microwave and Optical Laboratory

In Microwave laboratory the students are exposed to the microwave active devices like Klystron, Gunn Diode and Passive Devices Isolator, Circulator, Slide Screw Tunner, Magic Tee, Directional Coupler, Horn Antenna, Attenuator, Terminations. The Optical Communication laboratory is setup to complement the topics studied in the Optical Communication theory course. The laboratory is equipped with Fiber Optic Trainer Kits and Modules to enable the study of components of an Optical Communication System. The students perform experiments to study the characteristics of Optical Sources (LED & LD) and Optical Detectors (LD & APD) and Optical Fibers. The Optical Laboratory has Numerical Aperture.

Duration 4 YEAR
ELIGIBILITY: 12 / Diploma
COURSE FEE: As per Anna University Regulaction Fees
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