(Incubating Your Innovation)

Approved by Ministry of MSME, Government of India.

Spokes College at Madurai Hub of EDII, Government of Tamilnadu.




Producing successful Entrepreneurs imbibed with leadership qualities using Innovative and Ethical Business Practices to make Global Impact.


Instill the passion and spirit among Students to pursue Entrepreneurship.

  • To develop a strong network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, senior professionals and individuals directly or indirectly associated with entrepreneurship
  • To educate enterprising students in the essentials of starting a business
  • To organize Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps and Entrepreneurship Development Programs
  • To organize guest lectures by trailblazing entrepreneurs
  • To develop a resource centre gathering information about entrepreneurship and its various aspects
  • To foster innovation and create an entrepreneurial culture in the institution
  • To provide services including information and guidance to budding entrepreneurs
  • To promote linkages with Industries and organizations that are engaged in promoting Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
1 Case Studies (Internal) A good way to start off would be to profile startups run by alumni. 27.03.2018
2 Short film Carnival Short film to be made and presented on an entrepreneurial topic decided beforehand. 22.06.2018
3 Case Studies (External) Students can team up and analyze other startups and make case studies / case lets about them which can also be used as a resource for other students. 06.07.2018
4 Aesthetica Beautification of a space given, to promote 5S. 20.07.2018
5 Who is the Entrepreneur? Identify the Entrepreneur with his Biography. 03.08.2018
6 Idea Diffusion Get a creative and fun loving audience; ask them for one line startup ideas; people interested in the same idea can interact and form teams; 1 hour preparation time for chalking out the implementation; 3 minute pitches to pick out the best ideas. [not necessarily an on-spot event only] 17.08.2018
7 100 Bucks to Fame Rs.100 will be given to students and they would be asked to multiply it the best way that they can. At the end of the given time, the profit remains with them and the person who employs the best method wins. 31.08.2018
8 Talent Sells Showcase their individual talents, which they think can earn them their daily wages instead of a regular job. 14.09.2018
9 E-Walk Awareness Program of People in busy areas 28.09.2018
10 FoodBazaar Students sell their own produts to public. 13.10.2018 & 14.10.2018
11 Mall Maniacs Students will have to give ideas to sell any of their own built products in front of a panel of judges 26.10.2018
12 Startup Payanam A Travel to near by Startups by bus with Entrepreneurs and budding Entrepreneurs. 10.11.2018
13 EAC Awareness Camp about Entrepreneurship Proposed Later