Rotaract Club


Mr.D Balavignesh was the President of Rotract club of PSYEC for the year 2015-16 and took charge to lead the club.

  • Our college President, Mr.D .Balavignesh and Secretary, Mr.Murali mani have attended "PETS AND SETS" event hosted by KLN college of engineering in the month of June, 2015.
  • Our college Secretary, Mr.Muralimani has attended "DISTRICT RYLA TEMFO'15" along with two members and the event was hosted by National college of Trichy.
  • On the black day of Dr. APJ Abdul kalam's funeral, we sadly lead forward to contribute a tribute to him by forming a Human Chain along with 500 rotaractors from Madurai district #3000 . The human chain was formed and we did prayer with candles.
  • Our college office bearers attended the "RAY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAME" hosted by Rotary club of Madurai next gen.
  • Two members from our Rotract club have attended the "LITERACY SEMINAR" hosted by Puthukottai Engineering college.
  • We hosted and organized the Zone RYLA with a great enthusiasm. We organized the camp with the theme of importance of organic food also we practiced traditional culture in the name of "Beyond Backyards", sponsored by "Rotary club of Madurai Next Gen".
  • We have conducted various orientation programs for the Rotract members under the name CHISPA'15
  • We made our presence and joint our hands for the "POLIO DROP" event at mattuthavani bus stand.
  • Our college rotractors have participated in election awareness program and flash mobs for the election 2016.