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Single Channel Gateway

A single-channel gateway is a LoRa device that acts as a gateway by forwarding LoRa packets to the network. As it's usually built using a SX1272/SX1276 instead of SX1301/SX1257, it's a lot cheaper than a full gateway, making it a favorite choice for people to start with LoRaWAN.

However, single-channel gateways are extremely limited compared to a real gateway. We built a Single Channel LoRa gateway with a Raspberry Pi and a Dragino LoRa Shield.


Multi Channel Gateway

Multi Channel Gateways are routers equipped with a LoRa concentrator, allowing them to receive LoRa packets. You can usually find two kinds of gateways:

• Gateways running on a minimal firmware, making them low-cost and easy to use (e.g. The Things Gateway), running only the packet forwarding software.

• Gateways running an operating system, for which the packet forwarding software is run as a background program (e.g. Kerlink IoT Station, Multitech Conduit). This gives more liberty to the gateway administrator to manage their gateway and to install their own software.

We built a Multi Channel LoRa gateway with a Raspberry Pi and a IC880A Concentrator and erected in our college .